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Episode 12_Is it time for the BTC Golden Cross?✨

Episode 12_Is it time for the BTC Golden Cross?✨

In today’s episode, we travel from Singapore to Germany and then across the pond to the US with the hottest news in the Crypto Market. As Bitcoin captures the world’s attention, are you ready to learn more and catch up? Strike while the iron is hot 🔥👊🏽 GlobalBitcoinFestival.com/youtube

Everyone suddenly wants a piece of the Bitcoin pie 🥧 new pathways for Bitcoin to flush in into the German and US markets, legendary investor George Soros has turned his attention to BTC. And lots more news, analysis, and in-depth discussion by Richard Tan and Dr. Clemen Chiang in our latest episode of Bitcoin Bytes.

00:00 Intro
02:45 German and US funds flooding the crypto market
06:20 Bitcoin attracts the attention of legendary investor George Soros
11:30 Ranking of world-over Sovereign Wealth Funds
16:50 When will Bitcoin touch the Goldencross?
21:30 Need for a global Bitcoin community

Cryptocurrency in 2021 is not an easy topic to grasp, especially if you are totally new to investing. With the “Bitcoin Bytes with Richard & Clemen” series, gain every bit of important information while you’re investing in cryptocurrency.

Every new video has the latest news wrap in the Crypto market so click on the Bell Icon to never miss an episode 🔔

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