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Episode 19:  Bitcoin Journey to $100K

Episode 19: Bitcoin Journey to $100K

“Get Clarity In The Confusing World of Crypto, NFT & Digital Currencies, And How You Can Make The Most From This Booming Sector. Join us for the 2-day virtual livestream event “”Masters of Wealth””. See our list of expert speakers at [https://sr-event.com/mastersofwealth]
2021 has been a, to put it mildly, crazy year for the crypto market, with the BTC price seeing its biggest crashes and highest highs.

Overall it’s been good news for crypto assets in general, with the total market capitalization at almost USD 3 trillion, quadrupling the value of the crypto universe in 2021.

CEO of Norwegian Bitcoin miner Kryptovault, Kjetil Hove Pettersen, forecasts increase to 140K or higher in 2022 saying, “My prediction is that it will continue to be volatile, however the long-term trend will point upwards and it is going to more than double in terms of total market cap per annum on average.”

So hang tight Bitcoin supporters. Get all your queries to us every Mon, Wed, Fri at Bitcoin Journey to 100K with Richard Tan and Dr. Clemen Chiang. [https://sr-event.com/bitcoinjourney]

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