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3 Secrets for More Instagram Reels Views

3 Secrets for More Instagram Reels Views

Want more people to see your Instagram Reels? Wondering what you need to do to explode your performance? In this video, expert Natasha Samuel breaks down how to optimize your Instagram Reels creative elements. Learn why you should typically stick to shorter Reels and, just as important, when it makes sense to create a longer Reel. You’ll get tips to edit your Reels to make them as concise and watchable as possible. Learn how to use lighting, framing, text position, and extra enhancements to create Reels that are visually interesting. Plus, discover two ways to choose audio for your Reels and when to use each one. Finally, follow the walkthrough to put these tactics into action and create an Instagram Reel in five minutes.

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:15 Optimizing Your Reels Audio
01:01 What is the Right Length for Your Reels?
02:02 Optimizing Your Reels Visuals
03:33 Reels Creation Process

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