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9 Advanced Facebook Ads Manager Features to Quickly Improve Your Results

9 Advanced Facebook Ads Manager Features to Quickly Improve Your Results

Looking for quick ways to improve your Facebook ads results? Are you using all the built-in features available in Ads Manager?

Discover nine valuable and easy-to-use features in Facebook Ads Manager, in this walkthrough from expert Tara Zirker.

Explore two campaign-level features, four ad set-level features, and two ad-level features you can begin using immediately to greatly impact the performance and ROI on your Facebook ads.

You’ll learn why, how, and when to turn on features like A/B Testing, Campaign Budget Optimization, Lookalike Expansion, Detailed Targeting Expansion, Automatic Placements, Dynamic Creative, Optimize Creative For Each Person, and Optimize Text Per Person.

Plus, you’ll also find out which campaign objective Tara relies on most often and why it could be right for you.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 Accessing Your Campaign
01:07 A/B Test Feature
01:35 CBO
02:46 Accessing Your Ad Set
03:13 Lookalike Expansion
03:32 Detailed Targeting Expansion
04:04 Automatic Placements
04:35 Dynamic Creative
06:21 Optimize Creative Per Person
06:46 Optimize Text Per Person
07:35 The Best Facebook Ad Objective

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