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Episode 11_Bitcoin hits 7-Day HIGH! What’s Next?

Episode 11_Bitcoin hits 7-Day HIGH! What’s Next?

Hoorah! Last few days have given Bitcoin investors reasons to celebrate and feel hopeful once again. What should you do in the current situation the crypto market stands at? Join us at the Global Bitcoin Festival to learn from the very best and truly educate yourself ground up on how Bitcoin can be an investment in your future: GlobalBitcoinFestival.com/youtube

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In today’s episode πŸ“Ή
A mixed bag of good news and bad news. What does Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest filing for approval to offer a Bitcoin ETF mean for BTC value?… Another big development fo Grayscale Bitcoin Trust…What precautions can you take to secure your crypto wallet?

00:00 Intro
2:00 Morgan Stanley and GBTC
4:30 Big announcement from Cathie Wood
10:50 Is Bitcoin still cheap to go in now?
16:20 Shocking news about Mircea Popescu. How can you secure your wallet?
24:00 Industry’s best come together soon on one platform…

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