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Find Your Competitors And Successful People!

Find Your Competitors And Successful People!

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When you see your competitors doing better than you, how do you react?

You condemn them?

You look for a reason why they don’t deserve it?

Or cringe because you are so far away from their success?

Maybe, you just envy them.

Well, none of the actions above are WRONG – because after all, you are just human.

If you see keyboard warriors or haters posting negative comments, they are usually one of the above. So don’t blame them or get pissed off by their silly actions.

Nowadays, I don’t feel anything when I see my competitors who are ahead of me because I no longer compete with them.

Because I have my own personal goals (referring to financial and business goals).

At the same time, I love to see successful people.

Take Grant Cardone as an example. To me, he’s larger than life. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t aspire to be like him, but I get a lot of motivation by seeing him talk or reading his book.

Same as Gary Vaynerchuk. Do I want to build an agency company? No way. But when I watch his stuff, it gets me pumped up.



This is why you read books. You attend seminars. Or at least, listen to Podcasts.

To grow, I seek to follow my competitors or whoever who is much ahead of myself.


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