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How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Growth

How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Growth

Want more of the right Instagram followers? Is your profile attractive enough that people want to follow and interact with you? In this video, expert Natasha Samuel shows you how to optimize your Instagram profile to attract and retain your ideal followers. You’ll learn what type of information to include in your bio, which hashtags to use, how to choose a search-friendly profile name, and when to use a logo versus a photo. Next, you’ll discover how to optimize your branding, highlights, and grid so that they present a cohesive and engaging presence to visitors. Plus, you’ll learn what information in your profile should be updated regularly and how often to do so.

After you apply what you’ve learned in this video, your Instagram presence will be fully prepared to convert new visitors into followers.

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:35 Optimizing Your Bio
01:29 Optimizing Your Profile Picture
02:11 Optimizing Your Name
02:46 Optimizing Your Bio Link
03:30 Optimizing Your Highlights
05:07 Optimizing Your Branding
05:59 Example Optimization Audit

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