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How To Sell And Launch NFTs In OpenSea

How To Sell And Launch NFTs In OpenSea

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This is a special interview I did with my friend, Gerald, who had launched an NFT project in OpenSea. Usually, an NFT project will only be successful when it belongs to a celebrity or public figure.

Also, this is a realistic result and a practical NFT launch. They were able to sell all 88 NFTs at 0.21 ETH each for the first NFT project launched without having any massive followers. He shared about launching his digital photography photos as the NFTs and why many people have supported to buy.

This is a candid interview video call, so he just shared with me like talking to a friend and advising accordingly. You’ll learn some insights towards preparation before launch and about managing Discord community.

In short, lots of valuable tips for launching and selling your own NFT collection in OpenSea one day. 🙂

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This interview is 100% content, it has no “upsell” to get you to buy any courses or join any mastermind. The reason why I did the interview is to pick on Gerald’s brain and also, to provide education for my own followers to learn about NFTs. This way, my followers will understand the value of collecting our first NFT collection at:


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