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How YouTube Recommends Videos, YouTube Analytics Updates, and More

How YouTube Recommends Videos, YouTube Analytics Updates, and More

Explore YouTube changes with Michael Stelzner and @Diana Gladney.

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00:00 Intro
01:12 YouTube explains how their recommendation system works
07:41 Video Survey Responses Explained
09:45 Are Tags and Shares Important?
11:48 New YouTube Analytics Features
12:27 How Important is Typical Audience Retention?
14:03 When Your Viewers Are Online Card Launches on Mobile
15:08 YouTube Shorts Updates
16:03 Community Posts Expanded to Channels with 500+ Subscribers
17:00 YouTube Removes the Discussion Tab
18:12 Auto Chapters Added as Source of Metadata in Search
20:20 Key Moments Card Expanded to Show Typical Audience Retention, Chapters, and Top Moments
21:33 “New to you” Available Across Mobile, Desktop, and TV Devices

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