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Interest Rate Hikes | Phil Town

Interest Rate Hikes | Phil Town

Concerned about Interest Rate Hikes? With the latest updates from the Federal Reserve and the expectation of rising interest rates, many investors are starting to become fearful. But as a Rule #1 Investor, you don’t have to worry. Check out this video for some tips!https://bit.ly/3q62Pmf

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00:00 – Intro
00:32 – Federal Reserve Rumors
02:11 – What Do Interest Rate Hikes Mean For Investors
03:05 – Interest Rate Hikes May Slow The Economy
03:50 – Interest Rate Hikes May Tame Inflation
05:45 – This May Be An Incredible Investing Opportunity
06:40 – How Are You Preparing For Interest Rate Hikes?


So, what do the coming interest rate hikes mean for investors?

The Market will stay volatile

The uncertainty around when the Fed will raise interest rates and how high has already contributed to a volatile start to 2022, and this volatility will likely continue.

When it’s unclear how these volatile changes will affect businesses and consumers, and whether or not they’ll dampen inflation, all investors can do is speculate. This leads to stock market volatility.

The US economy may slow down

A rise in interest rates makes it more expensive for businesses and consumers to borrow money. So, they’re less likely to do so. Less borrowing means less spending, which leads to slower economic growth.

Prices will rise

While one goal of hiking interest rates is to tame inflation, it’s too little too late to alter the price hikes that are already set in motion.

You can still expect to see rising prices for the foreseeable future as rising interest rates and inflation has already impacted almost every sector of the stock market today.

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Interest Rate Hikes And The Federal Reserve:

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