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New Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Groups Tools, Shopping Features, and More

New Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Groups Tools, Shopping Features, and More

Explore Facebook changes with Michael Stelzner and Facebook expert, Mari Smith.

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00:00 Intro
01:40 Live Audio Rooms
07:09 Podcasts Streaming to Facebook
09:42 Facebook Groups Tools
11:30 Facebook Messenger Tools
12:35 Facebook Shops Expansion to WhatsApp and Marketplace
15:45 New Facebook Shops Ads Solutions
16:50 Facebook AR and AI Product Image Recognition
18:54 Facebook Bulletin
23:04 Embed Facebook Videos to Play At a Timestamp
23:32 Guides for Facebook pages
24:54 Facebook Fan Subscription Fees
25:58 Facebook AI Text Style Mimic
27:17 Facebook Report on the Future Opportunities of AR and VR

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