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Patric Chan NFT Project

Patric Chan NFT Project

https://patricnft.com – PatricNFT is the access token towards Patric Chan’s books, courses and live training sessions. For the first launch, we’ll be focusing on turning all of his books into NFTs. However, this will not be limited to just books – eventually, it’ll be expanded to all of his info-products including live training sessions.

This means that a particular NFT collection will unlock a different info-product.

Here’s an example: In the past, someone who was interested in reading WakeUp Millionaire would purchase it from Amazon. Today, instead of purchasing it there, they purchase the eBook as an NFT to get the eBook together with bonuses. This way, they will also truly own it.

The Vision:

PatricNFT is aimed to empower our customers to benefit beyond just the knowledge that Patric Chan is providing in his books, courses and live training. With this project, we want to allow our customers to have ownership of the products. This means that they can even sell what they’ve purchased after learning.

At the same time, each time they are investing in improving their own expertise and skills, they are also investing in digital assets in the form of NFTs.

Our vision is to ultimately allow all of our customers to have PatricNFTs whenever they are purchasing the books, courses or live training sessions and to be able to interact in one community.

Here’s the roadmap, https://patricnft.com

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