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Setting up Facebook Ads Domain Verification and Using Aggregated Events

Setting up Facebook Ads Domain Verification and Using Aggregated Events

Having trouble with your Facebook ads? Wondering how to verify your domain and use aggregated events for your Facebook ads?

In this deep-dive tutorial with Facebook expert @Allie Bloyd, you’ll learn how to optimize your Facebook and website settings to measure your campaign performance.

Learn how to set up the Facebook Aggregated Events Measurement tool to manage and configure web events for your Facebook ad campaigns, how to prioritize your events, and why you should prioritize the pixel over a custom conversion.

Finally, get suggestions for reliable third-party tracking solutions to help you track your Facebook ads data hands-free.

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— How to Use UTM Parameters to Track Your Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide [Video]
— Highlevel: https://www.gohighlevel.com/
— Hyros: https://hyros.com/

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Why Domain Verification is Important
01:25 How to Verify Your Domain for Facebook
02:33 Domain Verification: DNS TXT Record Method
04:00 Domain Verification: HTML Meta-Tag Method
05:10 Why Aggregated Events Measurement is Important
05:52 How to Setup Your Aggregated Events Measurement Tool
08:37 How to Track Your Facebook Ads Data

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