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Side Hustle Idea #3: Lazada Affiliate Program

Side Hustle Idea #3: Lazada Affiliate Program

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This is the recording of the “Social Project” I did in the past, details at https://helpsocialproject.wordpress.com

In short, it was a Charity Social Project to help people to start a side-hustle with no strings attached for free, so that they can earn some side income.

There are 5 ideas I’ve taught in total:

IDEA #1: Simple Selling
IDEA #2: Basic eCommerce Selling
IDEA #3: Lazada Affiliate Program
IDEA #4: Design/Video Work
IDEA #5: Video Stream

And in each IDEA, I’ll share:

1. The idea and concept of it
2. How to setup the side hustle
3. How to promote it to earn side income

THIS VIDEO IS IDEA #3: Lazada Affiliate Program

I’ll be teaching to make side income from Lazada by simply promoting its affiliate program instead of being a seller. This is about how to make some side income by tapping on available resources you have. This is NOT about building an eCommerce business.

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