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Side Hustle Idea #4: Design/Video Work

Side Hustle Idea #4: Design/Video Work

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This is the recording of the “Social Project” I did in the past, details at https://helpsocialproject.wordpress.com

In short, it was a Charity Social Project to help people to start a side-hustle with no strings attached for free, so that they can earn some side income.

There are 5 ideas I’ve taught in total:

IDEA #1: Simple Selling
IDEA #2: Basic eCommerce Selling
IDEA #3: Lazada Affiliate Program
IDEA #4: Design/Video Work
IDEA #5: Video Stream

And in each IDEA, I’ll share:

1. The idea and concept of it
2. How to setup the side hustle
3. How to promote it to earn side income

THIS VIDEO IS IDEA #4: Design/Video Work

I’ll be teaching to make side income by offering design or video service. This is about how to make some side income by tapping on available resources you have. This is NOT about building an online business.

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