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The Gift of Love Renews: The Gift We All Want Most

The Gift of Love Renews: The Gift We All Want Most

What’s the ultimate gift on YOUR wish list this year? A gift that you’ll never forget? A gift that would penetrate your soul?

The answer, we all know, is LOVE.

So let’s not let the stress of the season get in the way of love and kindness. If we want the most magnificent holiday, if we want to transform our lives and the lives of those around us, all we have to do is ask ourselves:

“What am I here to give? Who could I light up? What kindness could I share today?”

What if the spirit of this holiday, the ultimate gift we could give, was our patience, our kindness, our playfulness, our honoring of others’ differences, our compassion, and our capacity to let things go.

What if we were to give people a little more room? Just a little grace. The same grace we all need sometimes.

What if we would just be a little bit more generous with our time, or our energy, our attention, and our willingness to connect with others?

You know the secret to living is giving, so let’s go GIVE that kind of LOVE .

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