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TikTok LIVE Changes, Spark Ads, Creator Accounts, and More

TikTok LIVE Changes, Spark Ads, Creator Accounts, and More

Explore TikTok changes with Michael Stelzner and TikTok expert,@Keenya Kelly.

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00:00 Intro
01:08 TikTok Testing Scheduled Livestreams
02:39 TikTok Adds New Live-Stream Features, Including Live Guests and Q&A Panels
05:50 Spark Ads: New Advertising Opportunities for Brands
08:10 TikTok to Convert Creator Accounts to Personal Accounts
09:52 TikTok’s Updated Branded Content Policy
11:00 Branded Effects
13:30 TikTok Testing New Stories Feature
17:50 Vimeo and TikTok Video Ads Partnership

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