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Understanding Instagram Insights: Your Growth Plan

Understanding Instagram Insights: Your Growth Plan

Want to grow on Instagram? Not sure what Instagram data you should pay attention to? In this video, expert Natasha Samuel outlines how to leverage Instagram Insights to analyze your performance so you can crush your goals. You’ll discover how to access your Insights, the four most important metrics to watch, and how to determine why or how people are engaging with your content. Using Instagram Insights will help you learn to create more informed content with your ideal follower in mind, instead of just guessing.

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:19 How to Access Instagram Insights
00:36 Insights Date Range
01:00 Important Instagram Metrics
01:51 How Metrics Relate
02:16 Instagram Post Insights Explained
03:49 Insights Filtering Options
04:45 Instagram Stories Insights Explained
06:06 Instagram Live Insights Explained
06:27 How Often to Review Analytics

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